ZODIAC Services

We provide Geological; Geophysical and Seismic  Services for Exploration and Extraction of Coal; Hydrocarbons; and Minerals.  ZODIAC, along with PBV, provides fully integrated Solutions i.e. Basin Evaluation; Prospect Generation; Discovery & Appraisal; Enhanced Reservoir Characterization; Reservoir Production Management and Operational Efficiency by using reliable state-of-the-art technologies and industry-leading techniques to solve complex Computational, Simulation and Visualization challenges facing Energy and Mining sectors.
  • Cable and Cable less 2D and 3D Seismic Recording Systems
  • Heliportable Vibrator and Shot-hole Dynamite Source 2D & 3D
  • High Resolution and Multi-Component 3D acquisition
  • Real-Time Acquisition Quality Control Monitoring / Support
  • Point Source Acquisition using Hi-force Seismic Vibrators
  • Real-Time GPS Surveying

Source Options 

Depending on the Project, ZODIAC can position:

  • Equipment that may include from Ultra-Light 15,000lb Peak Force Low Impact 4x4 Vibro-Trucks to Highway 50,000lb Peak Force 6x6 Vibro-Trucks to 60,000lb Peak Force 4x4 Articulated Buggy Vibrators (suitable for desert operations).
  • Recording System that may include larger channel counts, high performance Digital Receivers, and greater Layout Flexibility i.e. 4 x Sercel 428XL Telemetry Recording Systems or equivalent
  • Seismic Crew that may include Purpose-Built Acquisition Crews, All-Terrain Desert Crews, Road Crews and Environmental Impact Crews. Seismic crews and camp accommodation can be purpose-built to meet certain terrain, land access or environmental requirements.
Source Options may also include Man-Portable, Heliportable, Tractor Mounted and Heavy Truck Mounted Drills and Weight Drop units.

Additionally, ZODIAC can provide full-gear experienced Crew equipped with:

  • 18,000+ Channels Sercel 428XL FDUs or equivalent (can go up to 100,000 channels)
  • 36,000+ Channels SM24 or equivalent Geophones
  • Sercel VE464 Control Electronics with Source Driven Acquisition Options or equivalent
  • Seismic Source Force III Vibrator Control Electronics or equivalent

Images used for illustration purpose only: Source & Courtesy: Industry