ZODIAC PLC, part of ADGroup of companies, provides Geological; Geophysical and Seismic Services to Energy and Mining sectors for Exploration and Extraction of Coal; Hydrocarbons; and Minerals.  

ZODIAC, along with PBV, provides fully integrated Solutions i.e. Basin Evaluation; Prospect Generation; Discovery & Appraisal; Enhanced Reservoir Characterization; Reservoir Production Management and Operational Efficiency by using reliable state-of-the-art technologies and industry-leading techniques to solve complex Computational, Simulation and Visualization challenges.

Operational Efficiency


To obtain optimum Imagery of a particular target, which becomes the basis of Eexploration Process, precise choice of Energy Source, Geophones, Recording Geometry and Recording Instrumentation is required and ZODIAC integrated Solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of each Project.

ZODIAC Solutions packages include Hardware, Software and Specialized Training to Study; Acquire; Analyze; Interpret; Evaluate and Simulate the Earth Progressions using Gravity; Magnetic; Electrical and Seismic methods.

Project NH-6