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Industrial Energy Efficiency



If the heat rate is 10,500 Btu, the efficiency is 33%

If the heat rate is 7,500 Btu, the efficiency is 45%

Designing a sustainable SMART Solution and Assurance System is very Complex Determination. We do have the multi-discipline Business Process Reengineering (BPR) expertise to develop Assurance Strategy to achieve Sustainability Goals.

Lead Consultant

Pacific Enterprises International Syndicate (PEIS)

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 Lawful Technology Transfer Partners

 Integrated Assets Management System (IAMS)

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Preventive Maintenance



How We Accomplish

To implement SMART Integrated Solutions, in addition to in-house resources, we engage and partner with industry renowned Experts; Consultants & Companies on Project-by-Project basis. Based on Project Valued Client Terms of Reference (ToR) we engage best possible team of Multi-Discipline Engineers; ICT, Financial and Legal Consultants; Managers and qualified Workforce, within budget and as per agreed schedule.

Our Holistic Approach

MUGHALS' Strategic Business Planning (SBP) objective remains to provide our valued Clients the Blueprint of Actionable Framework so that required Processes, Templates and required Tools are Developed and Workforce Skills are appropriately Proficient to use the required Tools to achieve the Immediate, Short Term and Long Term Goals of the Organization.

Underlying Technologies

We Provide Project Specific Real-Time User-Friendly Tools for Cloud Managed Cognitive Business Solutions, using Artificial Intelligence (AI)–Machine Learning (ML) Focusing Edge Computing & Internet of Things (IoT) Applications while using Blockchain;  Distributed Ledger (DLT) Edge Computing; and Financial Technology (FinTech) as underlying technologies.

We Develop Customized Apps by Extracting & Transforming Unstructured Big Data into Simpler Equations; Economic Inputs; Appraisals; Reviews;  Predictive Graphic Quantitative Analysis;  and Provide Specialized Training and Lawful Documentation, as per Industry Best Practices.

Deep Dive

In this QUANTUM Leap Fourth Industrial Revolution Digital Transformation Era, We Develop User Friendly Decision Making Real-time Multiple Options By Using complex AlgorithmsMathematical & Statistical Modeling Tools for Consumer Markets

Cyber Resilient Network

Plan; Prepare; Respond; Recover; Mitigate Risk

Industrial Solutions by Sectors


Assets & Facilities Management

Digital Supply Chain

Energy Microgrids

Integrated Systems Design Development

Plant Efficiency

Preventive Maintenance


ENERGY Value Chain

Operational Efficiency

Energy: Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Energy: Microgrids

Low Carbon & Energy Efficient

Autonomous Operation

Distributed Power Generation; Fire Prevention;

Telecom; Water; Safety (Physical + Digital)
Integrated Water System

Internet Governance

Rules; Policies; Standards & Practices

Algorithms Suites Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning (ML)

Processing; Analytics, Storage; AI; ML APPs

RFID Applications

Develop High-performance Edge Applications 
close to where data is generated to deliver intelligent real-time responsiveness

Edge Computing

Distributed Computational Sciences Training

Improve Resiliency; Responsiveness, Security & User Experience

Cyber Resilient Networks


Architecture Forensic Analysis

IoT WiFi-6 & 5G Rollouts

Digital Supply Chain

Hybrid Manufacturing



Inter Satellite Links Algorithms Suites


Commercial Drones


Sensor Based Algorithms Suits Development

Mining Life Cycle

Specialized Training

Professional Certifications

Workforce Skill Development

Surface Mining Solutions

Oil & Gas Value Chain

Unconventional Oil & Gas 

Reservoirs Development

Discovery & Appraisal

Vassals Corrosion Protection

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) System Maintenance
Offshore Subsea

Support Systems

Subsea Systems Design & Verification

Structural Analysis

Subsea Fatigue Analysis

Subsea Simulation Studies

Dynamic Positioning Systems (DPS)

Subsea Codes and Standards

Subsea Connection Systems

Discovery; Appraisal & Interpretation

Digital Surface Mine

Planning & Operation


Critical Minerals & Materials

(Financing*, Procurement, Supply & Support)

(Land, Marine and Unconventional)

Specialized Training

Professional Certifications

Workforce Skill Development

Image Below Source: National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)


Our Focus

Distributed Intelligent Transport Systems (DITS)

Our Proactive Services

Heavy Machinery Leasing


Surface Mine Lifecycle Support

Productivity; Safety; Accountability; Environment; Community

Digital Surface Mine 

Planning & Operation

Copper Extraction Process

Mine Operations: Digital Remote Monitoring

Mine Economic Feasibility

Mine Lifecycle

Water Resources Integrated System (WARIS)

MUGHALS Priority Focus

Deep Groundwater Investigation and Development

Image Below Source: NASA

Water Resources Integrated System (WARIS)

One of our PBV having 40 years of experience in the Seismic Industry, in conjunction with traditional seismic data, uses a unique method, “…to complement traditional P-wave seismic reflection imaging or used as a stand-alone tool, Seismoelectric (SE) Responses are used as a hydrocarbon indicator for detection of electrically resistive fluids (Freshwater) 8,000+ ft.

Using a pair of electrodes and a small explosive charge, SE techniques measures the voltage drop as the P-waves passes through the different interfaces.  The electrically resistive zones are logged in the field, allowing for near real time analysis of each shot. SE can be used as a standalone hydrocarbon indicator, or be used in conjunction with more traditional seismic data, increasing the odds of finding and developing a productive well. Another advantage of SE is small footprint required to collect data. This makes it ideal for smaller leases that do not have enough acreage to perform seismic reflection surveys…”

Fresh Water Drilling (8,000+ feet)

Large diameter boreholes to greater depths in 

some of the world’s most challenging environments

Hard Rock Drilling

Case Study: Lithium-Ion Supply Chain