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Space Economy Critical Materials Supply Chain 

Our Core Competency

PESTEL Analysis based Strategic Policy Advice on Technology Assessment, in conjunction with, Cyber-Resilient Adoption Framework (CRAF) and How to Mitigate Adopted Technology’s Potential Socio-Economic Impact (TPSI) on Society.

Underlying Technologies

We Provide Project Specific Real-Time User-Friendly Tools for Cognitive Business, across Project Value Chain, using Blockchain; Artificial Intelligence (AI); Distributed Ledger (DLT) + Financial Technology (FinTech) as Underlying Cloud Based Technologies. 

Deep Dive

In this QUANTUM Leap Fourth Industrial Revolution Digital Transformation Era, We Develop User Friendly Decision Making Real-time Multiple Options By Using Complex Algorithms, Mathematical & Statistical Modeling Tools for Consumer Markets.

We Develop Customized Apps by Extracting & Transforming Unstructured Big Data into Simpler Understandable EquationsAppraisals, Reviews, Econometric Outputs & Predictive Graphic Quantitative Analysis and Provide Lawful Documentation in accordance with Best Practices.

MUGHALS' Strategic Business Planning (SBP) objective remains to provide valued client the Actionable Framework so that required Processes, Templates & other tools are developed and Workforce is appropriately proficient to use the required tools to achieve the immediate, short term and long term business goals of the organization.

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  • Specialized Training
    • Professional Certifications
    • Workforce Development



  • Equipment (Financing*, Procurement, Supply & Support)
  • Simulation
  • Specialized Training
    • Professional Certifications
    • Workforce Development


  • Heavy Machinery Leasing
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