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Strategic Partners

AMCO Engineering (Pakistan) - AMCO (ISO 9001:2000 Certified) is part of the MUGHALS Group. Since 1984, AMCO Portfolio includes, Defense (Production), Energy and Transportation.

During 1917, Darwesh Khalil Ahmed Mirza a Visionary; Freedom Fighter against British Raj; Entrepreneur; Community Leader; Philanthropist and Founder of MUGHALS Group, moved from Yangon former capital of Myanmar to Rawalpindi (Pakistan), started Transport Business (focusing Mechanical Logistics + Postal) and founded American Motor Company, the first ever Engineering Company in that part of the region at that point of time. 

During 1984, American Motor Company was renamed as AMCO Engineering.  

AMCO Energy Division provides Distributed EnergyGeophysicalSeismic and Hard Rock Mining Services.

MUGHALS-RESOCHEM LLC (MRC) was incorporated with Secretary of State Texas USA (2015), by Dr. Aziz Ahmad Siddiqi Ph.D a Houston based renowned Scientist, Darwesh, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Community Leader.

MUGHALS & RESOCHEM are independent entities and since 2005 have entered into Lawful Strategic Relationship and Agreed to conduct lawful business on Project-by-Project basis. Whereas, AMCO and MRC entered into strategic relationship in 2016, focusing Renewable Energy Value Chain.

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Areas of Responsibilities

Pakistan: Mr. Mohammad Akmal Mirza President & CEO AMCO Engineering.

United States, Turkey, Central & North Asia: Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mirza Principal Group Director (PGD) MRC.