PAMS Program Strategic Direction

(In-line with AMCO Engineering Strategic Plan 1984 - Revised 2019)

How We Accomplish

To provide SMART Innovative Solutions, in addition to in-house resources, we lawfully engage industry renowned Experts; Consultants & Companies on Project-to-Project basis. Based on esteemed clients requirements AMCO-MRC amasses best possible team of Multi-Discipline Engineers; ICT, Financial and Legal Consultants; Managers and qualified Workforce, as per Terms of Reference of the project.

 AMCO Strategic Program - PAMS

Mission: Strengthen National Infrastructure by Lawfully Optimizing Indigenous Resources

Sector:  High Value Defense Manufacturing

Project Methodology: Phase-Wise Facilities Upgradation

Rational: Scaling up R&D to Lawful Product Commercialization

Potential Benefits: Across Entire Manufacturing Supply Chain

Purpose: Development of Enabling Technologies

              1. Additive Manufacturing   2. Hybrid Manufacturing 

              3. CNC Machining    4. Electro-Optics 

Focus:    1.  Rapid Prototyping Technologies  (RPT)

              2.  Rapid Analysis and Manufacturing Propulsion Technology (RAMPT)

Areas:     Advanced Materials | Biosciences | Electronics  | ICT | Photonics | Sensors

Applications by Industries: Aerospace | Agriculture | Automotive | Consumer | Defense | 

Electronics | Energy | Marine | Medical | Mining | Transport  



Project NOVA-1MF: Hybrid Manufacturing

Project NOVA-1MT: Ocean Engineering


Robotic Process Automation Tools

Funding: Structured and Financed based on Lawful Islamic Ethical Financial Principles

Country: Pakistan | USA | UK 

Facility Type:  Rapid Prototyping | Hybrid Manufacturing | Additive Manufacturing 


Areas of Responsibilities:

  • AMCO: Pakistan, Mr. Mohammad Akmal Mirza President & CEO
  • MRC: USA & North Asia, Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mirza Principal Group Director (PGD)

Focal Contact: 

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Below 0.57 Video Source: Argonne National Laboratory's Materials Engineering Research Facility (MERF)

Below: Snapshot AMCO Active Programs

About 5 Minutes Read (mostly images)

Project PAMS-2

Integrated System Capabilities

Third-Generation Thermal Imager-Based Crew Sight

Thermal Imager-Based Commander Sight

Automatic Target Tracker

Fire Control System

AMCO Top Priority

Special Purpose Support Vessels Training

Difference Between AUV and ROV

AMCO R&D Focus

Photovoltaic | Materials | Devices

Ultrafast Spectroscopy with Femtosecond Laser

fs/ps X-Ray Pulses

Condensed-Phase Dynamics

Dynamics of Biomolecules

Photovoltaic Materials

Images Below Source: EPFL LSU LAB


Project Under Development

Mine Breaching & Clearing

Surface: Frontend Detachable Attachments

Underwater: Modular Sonar Systems

Surface Detachable Attachments



Front-End Detachable Attachments Assembly Line (FEDA)

Core Specialization

Rapid Prototyping Technologies

Hybrid Manufacturing

Maritime & Offshore Engineering

Integrated Marine Power Systems 

Maritime & Offshore Microgrids

Offshore Subsea Exploration Support

Our Top Priority

Special Purpose Support Vessels Training

Dynamic Positioning

Offshore Vessel Simulator

Subsea Systems Design & Verification

Subsea Simulation Studies

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Applications (UUVA)

Modular Multistatic Sonar System

Maritime & Offshore Microgrids

Subsea Connection Systems

Images Above Source: Industry 

AMCO-MRC Legal Structure

AMCO Engineering (AMCO) Pakistan, MUGHALS participating company, is a multi-discipline ISO Certified (9001:2000) trusted manufacturer of Military-Grade Specialized Equipment, since 1984.

MUGHALS & RESOCHEM are independent entities; since 2005 have entered into Lawful Strategic Relationship and Agreed to conduct lawful business on Project-by-Project basis

MUGHALS-RESOCHEM LLC (MRC) was incorporated with Secretary of State Texas USA (2015). AMCO and MRC are independent legal entities entered into strategic relationship in 2016 and are conducting lawful business on Project-by-Project basis since 2016, as per laws of the operating territories.

RESOCHEM, an Engineering Services Company engaged in Consulting & Operations Business, since 1981. RESOCHEM Clients were some of the fortune 500 companies including Bayer Corporation and EXXON Chemical.

AMCO-MRC, along with Preferred Business Vendors (PBV), offer Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies (HMT) and Materials for 3D PrintingAdditive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping Projects.

Our Additive Manufacturing Capabilities include:

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(1984 - To Date: Partial Synopsis 5 Minutes Read Mostly Images) 

Successfully Completed Defense Projects (Partial)

Image Below Islamabad Pakistan 1999


Image Below Dallas Fort Worth Texas USA 2013

Image Below Houston Texas USA 2014

Image Below Islamabad Pakistan 2015

Image Below Houston Texas USA 2016

Image Below Islamabad Pakistan 2019

Way Forward: Enabling Technologies

Active Program:  Phase-Wise Facilities Upgradation

Current Focus: Industrial Porotype Technology

Rapid Prototyping Machines  and Tools - Industrial

(to be used - under evaluation)

Prototyping Applications

On Demand Industrial Plants Parts

Typical Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Use Cases

  • Complex Geometries
  • Small-batch Manufacturing
  • Final-part Manufacturing
  • End-use Parts
  • Pieces with Open Cavities

Why Choose FDM

The FDM process is excellent for:

  • High-stress testing
  • FDM prototypes can endure heat, chemical, and mechanical pressure.
  • Form and fit testing
  • FDM produces highly detailed parts that can be used to test fit and form.
  • Small, detailed, end-use parts
  • FDM’s detailed parts can be used in end-use capacities.
  • Parts made of Engineering-Grade Plastics
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Polycarbonate are among several of the Materials options available with FDM.

Click here to see available finishes 

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Dental Prototypes

Unlike conventional manufacturing methods, prototypes and custom tools can be manufactured efficiently and profitably.

Human Organs Prototypes

Additive Manufacturing is paving the way for improved, patient-specific medical care.

Implants & Implant Replicas

Small production runs where material and manufacturing standards meet stringent quality requirements.

Medical Equipment

Custom enclosures can be manufactured out of both metal and plastic for any medical device project.


Lightweight and high strength parts can be manufactured easily out of titanium for custom prosthetic applications.

Surgical Tools

Specialized surgical instruments and medical devices can be quickly and cost-effectively produced with additive manufacturing.

About AMCO Engineering

AMCO Engineering is a multi-discipline ISO Certified (9001:2000) trusted manufacturer of Military-Grade Specialized Precision Equipment, using state-of-the-art Technologies. Since 1984, AMCO provide SMART solutions to multiple industries.

AMCO specializes in Product Design, Development, and related Engineering Services and assist our valued customers' from Concept, to CAD Model Simulation, to Prototype, to Product.

AMCO consistently delivers value through Engineering and Program Management Expertise; Efficient Operations; and Quality Control Systems. 


MUGHALS & RESOCHEM are independent entities and since 2005 have entered into Lawful Strategic Relationship and Agreed to conduct lawful business on Project-by-Project basis. AMCO and MRC entered into strategic relationship in 2016.

MUGHALS-RESOCHEM LLC (MRC) was incorporated with Secretary of State Texas USA (2015).

AMCO-MRC Preferred Business Vendors (PBVSpecialize in: 

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