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Hybrid Manufacturing Project

AMCO Defense Production | Facilities Upgradation Program | Geophysics

AMCO Engineering

AMCO Engineering is a multi-discipline ISO Certified (9001:2000) trusted manufacturer of Military Grade Specialized Equipment, using Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies.

Since 1984. AMCO offers Product Design, Development, and Full-Service Engineering Services to our valued Customers From Concept; To Simulation Modeling; To Prototype (Pilot Project); To Product; To Production (Customized Manufacturing)

AMCO consistently delivers value through customized Precision Engineering; Quality Control System; Program Management and Efficient OperationsAMCO provide robust SMART solutions to multiple industries.

Our 100+ YEARS Journey Major Landmarks

From 1917 - To Date: ALHAMDO LILLAH, for more than a century, WE ARE IN BUSINESS having many spin-off legal entities.

During 1917: Two Darwesh and Visionary Brothers, Lateef Ahmed Mirza and Khalil Ahmed Mirza Founders of the MUGHALS Group, finally settled in Rawalpindi (Pakistan) and jointly established first-ever Regional Engineering Company i.e. American Motors Company focusing Auto, Engineering, Logistics & Transport Business with RawalpindiSialkot (West Punjab) and Srinagar (Kashmir) as their hubs.

From 1920 - 1947: In addition to providing Engineering Services to the first ever and still functional landlocked Attock Refinery both brothers started multi-destination pioneering regional "Lorry Transport Service", which remained operational till the occupation of Kashmir in 1947.

During 1984: Due to new regulatory requirements Group was restructured and American Motor Company was renamed as AMCO Engineering (AMCO) and got registered with Pakistan authorities as independent legal entity. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Mirza was unanimously appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Family Owned Business. Currently, Mr. Muhammad Akmal Mirza is AMCO Engineering CEO.

MUGHALS Portfolio includes Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Mining and Transport sectors.

How We Accomplish Successfully 

In order to provide cost-effective SMART Integrated Solutions, in addition to in-house resources, we engage industry renowned Experts; Consultants & Companies on Project-by-Project basis. Based on esteemed clients ToRs and requirement AMCO-MRC amasses best possible team of Multi-Discipline Engineers; Financial; Legal Consultants, Managers and qualified  Workforce, as per Terms of Reference (ToR) of the project. 


MUGHALS & RESOCHEM are independent entities and since 2005 have entered into Lawful Strategic Relationship and Agreed to conduct lawful business on Project-by-Project basis. Whereas, AMCO and MRC entered into strategic relationship during 2016.

MUGHALS-RESOCHEM LLC (MRC) was incorporated with Secretary of State Texas USA (2015), by Dr. Aziz Ahmad Siddiqi Ph.D a Houston based renowned Scientist and Entrepreneur.

AMCO-MRC Preferred Business Vendors (PBVSpecialize in: 


Areas of Responsibilities

Pakistan: Mr. Mohammad Akmal Mirza President & CEO AMCO Engineering.

United States & North Asia: Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mirza Principal Group Director (PGD) MRC.

AMCO Defense Production Division

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Image Above: AMCO Engineering CEO Mr. Mohammad Akmal Mirza

AMCO Engineering Facility Chongi #26 

Special Purpose Vehicles

Wing Open Box Van Trailer

MUGHALS Active Program

Phase-Wise Facilities Upgradation

Purpose: Hybrid Manufacturing

Fiber Laser - Metal Cutting Machines
(under evaluation)

Die Cutting Machines
(under evaluation)

LSAM - Large Scale Additive Manufacturing Machines
(under evaluation)

Images Above Source: Industry.

MUGHALS Focus: Hydrocarbon 

(Indigenous Equipment Production)

Energy Value Chain

Oil & Gas Value Chain

Image Below Source: Industry.

Image Below: Dr. Aziz Siddiqi, President RESOCHEM; 

Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mirza Principal Group Director MRC at OTC 2017 HOUSTON Texas USA

Image Below: Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mirza Principal Group Director (PGD)

Image Below: MUGHALS Team Energy During OTC 2017 Houston Texas USA

Images Below: Preferred Business Vendors (PBV) Facilities 

MUGHALS Active Project

CNG - LNG - LPG  ISO Standards Compliant 

Containers - Storage - Transportation

Equipment Production

Heavy Duty Bogie Suspension, Designed For Short Wheelbase, Easy Cornering and Maneuverability 

Maximum Drive Force; Perfect Ground Control; Reliable Braking Power

Gas Storage and Pumping Station

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Economy

Geophysics Integrated Package

AMCO provides fully integrated Solutions i.e. Basin EvaluationProspect Generation; Discovery & Appraisal; Enhanced Reservoir Characterization; Reservoir Production Management and Operational Efficiency by using reliable state-of-the-art technologies and industry-leading techniques to solve complex Computational, Simulation and Visualization challenges. 

Case Study:

We, along with PBV, provides SMART solutions for Geological & Geophysical Data Acquisition and Analysis (2D, 3D & 4D), Seismology (Atmospheric, Earthquakes, Oceanic, Tectonic, Volcanic, and Artificial Processes i.e. explosions), Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Underground Fresh Water Exploration (using Seismoelectric–SE techniques, depth 8,000+ feet), Gas & Oil Exploration using state-of-the-art digital seismic instruments and Data Acquisition Systems.

about 500 scientists over seven years. Released in 1999

Image Below: Regional Oil Discoveries 

1915 in Potwar Basin Pakistan

1922 First Landlocked Refinery: Attock Refinery Rawalpindi Pakistan 

AMCO-MRC Current Focus

MUGHALS Priority Focus

Deep Groundwater Investigation and Development

Image Below Source: NASA

Water Well Construction

(Standard: ANSI/NGWA 01/14)

(Healthy Water)

One of our PBV having 40 years of experience in the Seismic Industry, in conjunction with traditional seismic data, uses a unique method, “…to complement traditional P-wave seismic reflection imaging or used as a stand-alone tool, Seismoelectric (SE) responses are used as a hydrocarbon indicator for detection of electrically resistive fluids (Freshwater) 8,000+ ft.

Using a pair of electrodes and a small explosive charge, SE techniques measures the voltage drop as the P-waves passes through the different interfaces.  The electrically resistive zones are logged in the field, allowing for near real time analysis of each shot. SE can be used as a standalone hydrocarbon indicator, or be used in conjunction with more traditional seismic data, increasing the odds of finding and developing a productive well. Another advantage of SE is small footprint required to collect data. This makes it ideal for smaller leases that do not have enough acreage to perform seismic reflection surveys…”

Fresh Water Drilling (8,000+ feet)

Large diameter boreholes to greater depths in some of the world’s most challenging environments

Hard Rock Drilling

About AMCO Engineering 

AMCO Engineering is a multi-discipline ISO Certified (9001:2000) trusted Manufacturer of Specialized Equipment, using Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies.

AMCO consistently delivers value through customized Precision Engineering; Quality Control System; Program Management and Efficient Operations. AMCO provide robust SMART solutions to multiple industries.

AMCO offers Product Design, Development, and Full-Service Engineering Services to finalize our valued Customers Prototype From Concept, To Simulation Modeling, To Prototype (Pilot Project), To Product To Production.

AMCO Geophysics packages include Hardware, Software and Specialized Training for both Public and Private sectors to Study; Acquire; Analyze; Interpret; Evaluate and Simulate the Earth Progressions using Gravity; Magnetic; Electrical and Seismic methods.

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