Participating Companies

Partial List

Project Specific Lawfully Registered 

Locations of Companies

From 1917 - Present

Pakistan | United Kingdom | United States of America

* Allied Research and Indigenous Technologies PLC (ARITEL) Pakistan

* AMCO Engineering Pakistan

* American Motor Company (AMCO) Pakistan

* Communications Network International Corp. (CNI) USA

* Falcon Investment Group LLC (FIG) USA

* Global Digital Networks PLC (GDN) Pakistan, UK, USA

* Pacific Enterprises International Syndicate (PEIS) USA


* SoundView Broadcasting PLC (SVB) Pakistan, UK, USA

* Synergy Broadcasting PLC USA

* Western eTel PLC Pakistan

* Yusra Industries PLC Pakistan

* ZODIAC PLC Pakistan

Project Specific Locations 

Partial List

From 1917 - Present

*75 Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi Pakistan (AMCOAmerican Motor Company; 1917-1993)
*Plot No 328, Chungi # 26, Peshawar (GT) Road, Rawalpindi - Pakistan (AMCO 1984 - Current)

*2603 Honeysuckle Walk, Spring Greater Houston, Texas USA (GDN + SVB 2003-2015)

*3rd Floor Green Trust Tower Jinnah Avenue Blue Area, Islamabad PK (SVB 2003-2012)

*78 Jinnah Avenue REDCO Arcade, Islamabad Pakistan (ARITEL 1994-1995)

*4th Floor Software Technology Park Constitution Ave., Islamabad Pakistan (ARITEL + GDN 1996-1998)

*197-A Ahmed Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan (GDN 1998-2020)

*3459 Ocean View Boulevard, Glendale, California 91208 USA (CNI + GDN  + Falcon Investment Group 1994-2020)

*Office # 1, 2nd Floor VIP Square I-8 Markaz, Islamabad Pakistan (SELECTUM 2011-2020) 

*3rd Floor Green Trust Tower Jinnah Avenue Blue Area, Islamabad PK (GDN + SVB 2003-2012)

*36-01 37th Ave Long Island City, NY 11101 USA (GDN + SVB 2003-2012)

*15802 Stornoway Drive Spring, TX 77379 USA (RESOCHEM + MRC + GDN 1981-2018)

*1st Floor, Rizwan Plaza, 9-West, Blue Area. Islamabad, Pakistan (ZODIAC 2015-2016)

*303 Green Trust Tower Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan (GDN + SVB 2003-2013)

*41-Wimborne Drive, Allerton Bradford BD15 7AH, United Kingdom (GDN + Family Channel 2008-2012)

*27019 Barrington Lodge Ln. Katy, Greater Houston, Texas 77494 USA (FIG + PEIS 2013-Current)

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