Participating Companies

Partial List

Project Specific Lawfully Registered 

Locations of Companies

From 1917 - Present

Pakistan | United Kingdom | United States of America

Allied Research and Indigenous Technologies PLC (ARITEL) Pakistan

AMCO Engineering Pakistan

American Motor Company (AMCO) Pakistan

Communications Network International Corp. (CNI) USA

Falcon Investment Group LLC (FIG) USA

Global Digital Networks PLC (GDN) Pakistan, UK, USA

Pacific Enterprises International Syndicate (PEIS) USA


SoundView Broadcasting PLC (SVB) Pakistan, UK, USA

Synergy Broadcasting PLC USA

Western eTel PLC Pakistan


Project Specific Locations 

Partial List

From 1917 - Present

75 Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi Pakistan (AMCO American Motor Company 1917-1984)

Plot No 328, Chungi # 26, Peshawar (GT) Road, Rawalpindi - Pakistan (AMCO 1984 -Current)

2603 Honeysuckle Walk, Spring Greater Houston, Texas USA (GDN + SVB 2003-2015)

3rd Floor Green Trust Tower Jinnah Avenue Blue Area, Islamabad PK (SVB 2003-2012)

Plot # 328, Post NO. 26 Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi Pakistan (AMCO 1997-Current)

78 Jinnah Avenue REDCO Arcade, Islamabad Pakistan (ARITEL 1994-1995)

4th Floor Software Technology Park Constitution Ave., Islamabad Pakistan (ARITEL + GDN 1996-1998)

197-A Ahmed Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan (GDN 1998-Present)

3459 Ocean View Boulevard, Glendale, California 91208 USA (CNI + GDN  + Falcon Investment Group 1994-2020)

Office # 1, 2nd Floor VIP Square I-8 Markaz, Islamabad Pakistan (SELECTUM 2011-Present) 

3rd Floor Green Trust Tower Jinnah Avenue Blue Area, Islamabad PK (GDN + SVB 2003-2012)

36-01 37th Ave Long Island City, NY 11101 USA (GDN + SVB 2003-2012)

15802 Stornoway Drive Spring, TX 77379 USA (RESOCHEM + MRC + GDN 1981-2018)

1st Floor, Rizwan Plaza, 9-West, Blue Area. Islamabad, Pakistan (ZODIAC 2015-2016)

303 Green Trust Tower Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan (GDN + SVB 2003-2013)

41-Wimborne Drive, Allerton Bradford BD15 7AH, United Kingdom (GDN + Family Channel 2008-2012)

27019 Barrington Lodge Ln. Katy, Greater Houston, Texas 77494 USA (FIG + PEIS 2013-Current)

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