Focused Areas

Our Focused Areas


o  Aircraft & Ground Support Equipment Leasing

o  Trajectory Based Operation’ Decision Support System

o  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV – Drones)

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

o  Broadcasting

o  Cognitive Business

o  Cyber Security

o  Digital Migration

o  Intelligent Transport System

o  Real-Time Object Tracking System 


o  Clean Coal

o  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants

o  Operational Excellence

o  Retrofitting

o  Sequestration Technologies

o  SMART Grid

o  Upstream Exploration

Financial Technology (FinTech) 

o  Blockchain

o  Cognitive Business

o  Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Payments, Clearing and Settlements  


o  Geophysics

o  Exploration

o  Extraction

o  Hydrology 

o  Metallurgy

o  Minerals Processing & Refining

o  Rare Earth Elements (Exploration to Factory)


o  Deep Sea Vehicles

o  Intelligent Transport System

o  Rail SCADA Network System

o  Special Purpose Vehicles