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Underserved Markets

Developing Countries

 Sustainable Growth Partner

Providing Equity based Ethical Financing 

Based on Islamic Principles

In a global survey conducted by UN Development Programme, policy makers from around the world acknowledged that inequality  in their countries is generally high and potentially a threat to long-term social and economic development.

Consensus has developed at United Nations that ‘Financial Inclusion’ is one of the fast track solutions to minimize the inequality menace. USA, G-20 and many developing countries are launching Programs. FinTech is the focus of High-Tech Industry. Academia is preparing proficient workforce and we are developing the TRUSTWORTHY platform to offer Legal, Safe and Affordable Financial Services, globally.

Our Distributed Ledger Task Force (DLTF) is working on, beyond ‘Blockchain’, to combine 'Distributed Ledger' and 'Digitized Logic' to authenticate users’ identity, executes protocols, and validates the entire process, all within one platform – NOVA-7.  


Underserved Markets

In this digital world, small & midsize businesses either lose minimum 30~35% business opportunities OR spend 20~25% more resources annually, as they do not have the required infrastructure or tools to communicate timely. Our professionals understand this business challenge and can provide end-to-end total solution, at affordable price.

Developing Countries

How We Can Help

Secured and efficient communication infrastructure is the key success factor for sustainable growth. By adopting industry-proven methodologies our experts can recommend actionable strategy and then leverage MUGHALS' stable relationships with industry-leading partners to provide customized action plan that harmonizes with existing infrastructure, platforms and processes.

Image Credit: Forbes