Blue Economy Skills Development


Maritime & Offshore Engineering

Theme: Blue Economy > Commercial Marine; Port Technology; Renewables

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Strategic Direction: U.S. Federal Maritime Commission Guidelines

Focus: Blue Economy Support Services Skills Development

Precision Marine Navigational System

Precision Marine Navigation System (PMNS) is integrated real-time reliable Metadata Repository for Marine Navigation. PMNS includes forecasts; real-time observations; warnings; advisories; and high resolution bathymetry images.'s%20Precision%20Marine%20Navigation%20Program,make%20decisions%20while%20at%20sea.

Image Credit Industry: NOAA

Strategic Direction: U.S. Department of Commerce Guidelines 

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Skills Development

Dynamic Positioning

For offshore activities, it is very important to keep a vessel at a Fix Position and Heading. Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) automatically control position and heading of a vessel by using Thrusters that are constantly active and balance the Environmental Forces (wind, waves, current etc.). Such Environmental Forces tend to move vessel off the desire position while the Automatically Controlled Thrust Balances Those Forces and Keeps The Vessel in Static Position. Through Dynamic Positioning System, a ship does not require the usage of anchors to maintain its course in deep waters and can carry out its mission successfully. 

The first DPS was set in use in 1961('Eureka'). Currently, over 1,100 DPS capable vessels are available. DPS is becoming indispensable for deep-water operations.

Dynamic Positioning Principles, Design and Applications

Our Focus

Vessel Tracking System

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Coastal Hazards

Container Tracking

Disaster Response 

Hydrographic Surveying

Open Sea and Narrow Channel Navigation

Ships Routing

Visibility For Bulk Cargo

AIS Transponders

(Vessel - Container - Product Tracking)

AIS Transponders automatically transmit/broadcast the position and velocity of the ship at regular intervals via a VHF radio built into the AIS. The position and velocity originate from the ship's global positioning system. The AIS also receives heading information from the ship's compass and transmits this at the same time. The signals are received by AIS transponders fitted on other ships or on land based systems. Source: U.S. Dept. of Commerce (NOAA)

How We Accomplish

To implement SMART Hybrid Solutions (SHS), in addition to in-house resources, we engage industry renowned Experts; Consultants & Companies on Project-by-Project basis. Based on project Terms of Reference (ToR), our participating companies & organizations, and affiliates amasses best possible team of Multi-Discipline Engineers; ICT, Financial and Legal Consultants; Managers and SMART Workforce, to complete the project on schedule & within budget.

Skill Development: Modular Sonar Information System


Strategic Context: High Value Components Supply Chain


Setting Up

Case Study

Deliverables: Commissioning of Phase-Wise Integrated Hybrid Manufacturing Clusters

Technologies: Rapid Prototyping + Additive Manufacturing + CNC Machining + Digital Twin

Contract Vehicle: 100 % Private Sector Commercial Program

Legal Vehicle: International Joint Venture as per the applicable laws of multiple business territories

Lead Company: AMCO Engineering

Policy Advisor: Pacific Enterprises International Syndicate - PEIS

Funding: Private Equity + Financing based on Islamic Ethical Financial Principles

Location (Phase I): Pakistan and USA

Current Status on Scale of One to Ten: 2.3

Prefeasibility: Target, 2023 June. (Decision Support Tool: USA (DoE DER-CAM)

Current Focus: Terms of Reference; Regulatory Approvals; Supply Chain

Read More About Our Methodology: Resource Assessment and Valuation

PEIS Research Focus Areas

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Remotely Operated Vehicles

Integrated Marine Power Systems

Maritime Microgrids

Modular Sonar Systems

Offshore Energy Systems


Skill Development Program

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)

Offshore Wind Farm

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Special Purpose Support Vessels (SPSV)

Underwater Robotics

Difference Between AUV and ROV
1 Minute Video

Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project

Mapping the Ocean Bed

Our Proactive Services

Our Holistic Approach

Subsea Systems Design & Verification Services

Dynamic Positioning Systems (DP)

Dynamic Positioning Vessel (DPV) Support Services

Special Purpose Vessels Structural AnalysisModular Multistatic System Analysis

DPS Subsystems Analysis

Subsea Connection Systems Evaluation

Maritime Microgrids Support Services

Offshore Subsea Exploration Support

Subsea Simulation Studies

Left: Dr. Aziz Ahmed Siddiqi, President RESOCHEM Corp.

Right: Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mirza, Director Special Projects RESOCHEM Corp.

Image Below: Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mirza, Director Special Projects RESOCHEM Corp.

MUGHALS Capabilities

SMART Solutions | Accurate Design | Lifecycle Support

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Rapidly generate accurate labeled plot-plan drawings and detached-plan drawings for multi-level structures models of Greenfield Projects, Retrofitting Designs, and existing facilities Visualization.

Industrial Plants Preventive Maintenance Training

Above Images Source: Industry

Lawful Technology Commercialization