We offer a unique blend of Business, Engineering and Regulatory Services which ensures sustainable growth of all stakeholders. 

Solution Oriented Approach

To provide affordable SMART solution, based on client's Terms of Reference (ToR), wassist our valued clients by providing the best possible tools to Identify; Evaluate; Quantify and Select the most efficient solution and, if required, engage additional industry leading consultants and renowned companies on Project-by-Project basis. 

Services and Solutions

(Including Project Financing*, Procurement, Supply & Support)


  • Aviation 
    • Aircrafts Leasing
    • Airline Fleet Analysis
    • Airport Capacity Analysis
    • Air Cargo System RFID based
    • Aviation Safety
    • Ground Support Equipment Leasing
      • Aircraft; Airport; Ramp; Terminal
    • Inflight Services
  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
    • Communications
    • Broadcasting
    • Climate
    • Remote Sensing





Our methodology pillars are:

1. Economic Viability

2. Project Metrics

3. Regulatory Compliance

4. Technology Assessment & Adoption

5. Ongoing Specialized Training

How We Work:

To finish the job, on schedule and within budget, MUGHALS engross the best possible Human Resource which include Experienced Certified Professionals’ (ECP) i.e. Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Professional Engineers (PE), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certified Financial Forensics CPAs, Certified Fraud Prevention Attorneys, Certified Valuation Analysts, Qualified Technicians and Project Managers.

*MUGHALS are not NOT direct Lender, Financial Institution and or Financial Agency. However, contingent upon EXIM Bank USA,  World Bank,  International Chamber of Commerce Guidelines and Laws of the "Business Territory", MUGHALS can arrange Project Financing THROUGH Third Party for Qualified Clients.