"...Not Without Purpose Did WE (ALLAH) Created Heavens, Earth and All In Between..." Al-Quran 38:27

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Trusted Growth Partner Since 1917

4 Economic Sectors 6 Regional Markets

Business Processes Transformation 

Ethical Financing Based on Islamic Principles

Our Core Competency

Strategic Policy Advice on Technology Assessment

Who Are We? 

We are a small group of like-minded Multinational Professional Consultants. We Integrate Technology and Mitigate Competitive Innovation.

Our multi-discipline Core Team Combined Experience is 350+ years (as of December 2019). 

We Originate Equity Based Catalyst Projects and Conduct Business on Ethical Financing Based on Islamic Principles. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that Exploration, Development and Optimization of Indigenous Resources Stimulate Economic Activities at Grassroots Level, Thus, Creating Conducive Conditions for Inclusive Progression of All Stakeholders’ Assets (PASA), Henceforth, Creating New Manageable Inclusive Jobs for Local Communities, Subsequently, Ensuing Sustainable GDP Growth.

Our Vision

We Endeavor for Grassroots Level Sustainable Justice Based Inclusive Prosperity (GSIP) by Optimizing Indigenous Resources. 

Our Mission

Redefine Circular Economy’ Supply Chain, focusing Space Economy, to Strengthen National Infrastructure.

Our Mission Statement

"Guarantee Justice for All Stakeholders; Ensure Sustainable Inclusive Prosperity; Optimize Indigenous Resources”.

Our Values

Justice; Trust; Integrity; Innovation; Efficiency; Productivity; Inclusiveness; Good Governance; Accountability.

Our Strategic Goals

    1.  Consolidate Existing and Secure New Markets by Lawfully Providing Goods & Services i.e. Green Technologies and Specialized Training, In Conformity With Applicable Industry Best Practices.

    2.    Develop QUANTUM Algorithms Suite Modeling Tools (Mathematical and Statistical) Focusing Metamorphic Manufacturing Industry.

    3.    Undertake Strategic Catalyst Projects.

    4.    Ensure Projects are Structured and Financed on Islamic Ethical Financial Principles (IEFP).

    5.    Continue Lawfully Supporting and Establish New Self Sustainable Independent Endowment.

    Trends, Prospects and Policy Responses

    Our Strategic Initiatives

    1.   Asian Glacial Hydrology Water (AGHW) (About Three-quarters of Earth's Freshwater is Stored in all Glaciers).

    2.   Circular Economy Impact on Global Trade (CEGT) (Continual Use of Resources, Emerging Economic Ecosystem).

    3.   Food Security ICT Enabled Integrated Agricultural Education and Health System

    4.   Indus Basin Resources (Asian High Mountain Region or the "Hindu Kush - Karakorum - Himalayan" (HKKH) Region, Also Called “Third Pole”, Spreads More Than 4.5 Million Square Kilometers and Indus Basin Feeds Minimum 350 Million People of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan).

    5.   Precision Agriculture (Transforming Agriculture Value and Supply Chains. Sensors Equipped Ground Equipment Combines with Satellite-based Auto-guidance Systems plus Satellite Photography, and Multispectral Imaging used along with On-site Data for Increased Agricultural Profitability & Sustainability).

    6.   Ethical Economic Ecosystem (Reduce Economic Disparity by Eradicating Usury. All Three Main Religions i.e. Islam, Christianity and Judaism Prohibit Usury).  

    7.   Strategic Critical Minerals Resources (SCMR)  (Vital to Modern Technologies, both Commercial + Defense and Human Lifestyles).

    8.   Metamorphic Manufacturing (Third Wave of Digital Manufacturing).

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    Our Core Competency

    PESTEL Analysis based Strategic Policy Advice on Technology Assessment, in conjunction with, Cyber-Resilient Adoption Framework (CRAF) and How to Mitigate Adopted Technology’s Potential Socio-Economic Impact (TPSI) on Society.

    Why MUGHALS?

    1.  We Build TRUST Based Mutually Beneficial and Meaningful Alliances; Collaborations; Joint Ventures and Partnerships Capacity to Provide Affordable Customized SMART Solutions for Complex Problems.

    2.   We Conduct PESTLE Analysis for Defining Lawful Intra-Organizational Partnership(s) Frameworks, Local and Foreign.

    3.   We Develop Project Specific Algorithm Suite, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling Tools.

    4.   We Provide Customized Strategic Policy Advice on Technology Assessment, Cyber-Resilient Adoption and Upgradation Frameworks.

    5.    We Provide Proactive Support during entire Project Life Cycle including ongoing Specialized Training.

    Our Core Business

    1.   We Provide Project Specific Real-Time User-Friendly Tools for Cognitive Business, across Project Value Chain, using Blockchain; Artificial Intelligence (AI); Distributed Ledger (DLT) + Financial Technology (FinTech) as Underlying Cloud Based Technologies. 
    2.   In this QUANTUM Leap Fourth Industrial Revolution Digital Transformation Era, We Develop Real-Time User Friendly Decision Making Real-time Multiple Options By Using Complex Algorithms, Mathematical & Statistical Modeling Tools for Consumer Markets.
    3.   We Develop Customized Apps by Extracting & Transforming Unstructured Big Data into Simpler Understandable Equations, Appraisals, Reviews, Econometric Outputs & Predictive Graphic Quantitative Analysis.

    Our Customer Base

    Affordable User Friendly Products |  Proactive Services  |  SMART Solutions

    ·       Individual User

    ·       Small & Midsize Businesses

    ·       Millennials 

    ·       Enterprises / Corporations

    ·       Governments

    Our Baseline Priority - Catalyst Strategic Projects

    MUGHALS Prefer to Work on Catalyst Strategic Projects in 'Global Hotspot Areas' with Trusted Professionals who know the Region and Understand Native Culture.

    Our Business Process

    • For Customized Solutions, our dedicated team(s) work prudently work with our Valued Clients to understand their unique requirements to engineer affordable SMART Solution.
    • Based on Valued Clients Parameters, MUGHALS, in addition to in-house resources, congregate Engineering; Financial; Legal and Technical Team so that required Business Processes, Templates &  other Tools are Developed, Jointly Tested, Documented, Understood, and Client’s Proficient Skilled Workforce is qualified.
    • After securing the Project, local people become part of MUGHALS' team which also minimize Security Risk, get the job done, within Budget, on Schedule and Stimulates Local Economies.

    Group Special Focus: ENERGY Sector https://sites.google.com/a/themughals.net/www/home-mughals/Energy%20Ecosystem.jpg

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    Financing Option

    MUGHALS are NOT Direct Lender, Financial Agency and or Financial Institution. However, contingent upon the "Business Territory" Laws and other Lawful Global Institutions Guidelines, MUGHALS can arrange Project Ethical Financing based on Islamic Financing Principals THROUGH Third Party for Qualified Clients

    Our Focused Sectors




    • Specialized Training
      • Professional Certifications
      • Workforce Development



    • Equipment (Financing*, Procurement, Supply & Support)
    • Simulation
    • Specialized Training
      • Professional Certifications
      • Workforce Development


    • Heavy Machinery Leasing

    MUGHALS Group Partners and Areas of Expertise, From 1994 - 2009, Partial List