Since 1917

Business – Engineering – Regulatory - Trade

Sectors: Agriculture; Energy; Manufacturing; Mining; Supply Chain

Group Core Competencies

We provide Strategic Policy Advice on:

  1) Assets ManagementSustainable GrowthDevelopment GovernanceDisaster Management 

  2) Capital Project Strategy; Economic ModelsEconomic AnalysisData Analytics

  3) Disruptive Technology Assessment; Appraisal; Adoption; Workforce Development

  4) Energy Resources Programs' Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) 

  5) Performance Management Measuring System; Regulatory Compliance

Lead Policy Advisor

Pacific Enterprises International Syndicate - PEIS

Lawful Technology Transfer Partners

USA SAM & DoD CAGE Code Status: Active

USA Prime NAICS Code: 541690, Prime SIC Code: 87420501 

How We Accomplish

To implement SMART Solutions, in addition to in-house resources, we engage industry renowned Experts; Consultants and  Companies on Project-by-Project basis. 

Based on Project Terms of Reference (ToR), project participating companies & affiliates  amasses best possible team of Multi-Discipline Engineers; ICT & Cyberspace Experts; Managers; Financial & Legal Consultants, to complete the project on schedule & within budget.

We Prefer to Work on Catalyst Strategic Projects


Additive Hybrid Manufacturing

Assets & Facilities Management

Critical Materials & Materials Supply Chain

Fire Suppression System

Integrated Systems Design Development

Plant Efficiency

Preventive Maintenance

Precision Agriculture

Regional Strategic Planning


Energy Value Chain


Autonomous SMART Grids

Industrial Plants

Energy Microgrids
How We Operate

In order to provide cost-effective Proactive Services, in addition to in house resources, we engage and or partner with, industry renowned Experts; Consultants & Companies on Project-by-Project basis. 

Based on our valued Client requirements (ToR) we amass best possible team(s) of Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers; Financial & ICT Experts; Legal Managers and Technicians, as per Terms of Reference (ToR) of the project.

Oil & Gas Value Chain

Internet Governance

Rules; Policies; Standards & Practices

Cyber Resilient Networks

Plan; Prepare; Respond; Recover; Mitigate Risk

Remote Sensing

Earth Systems Data,that%20detect%20and%20record%20reflected%20or%20emitted%20energy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning (MI)

Algorithms Suites Development

Processing; Analytics, Storage; AI; ML APPs

RFID Applications

Develop High-performance Edge Applications close to 

where data is generated to deliver intelligent real-time responsiveness

Edge Computing

Distributed Computational Sciences Training

Improve Resiliency; Responsiveness, Security & User Experience

Cyber Resilient Networks

Architecture Forensic Analysis

Supply Chain

Integrated Water System

Unconventional Oil & Gas 

Reservoirs Development

Discovery & Appraisal

Seismic Interpretation

Mine Lifecycle Planning & Support

Productivity; Safety; Accountability; Environment; Community

Digital Mine Planning & Operation

Copper & Gold Extraction Process

Special Purpose Vessels

Offshore Subsea Exploration Support

Subsea Systems Design Verification

Subsea Simulation Studies

Subsea Structural Analysis

Subsea Codes and Standards

Subsea Fatigue Analysis

Subsea Connection Systems

Mine Operations: Digital Remote Monitoring

Mine Economic Feasibility

Mine Technical Feasibility

LNG Supply Chain

Our Expertise Areas

Our Priority Focus

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Internet of Things (IOT)

Applications & Training

 Edge Computing + RFID Applications 

Our Focus

Strategic Catalyst Projects

MUGHALS professionals, with a combined 350+ years of related experience, (as of 2019 December) have developed unique matrix which leads to sustainable growth using mostly indigenous resources.

Based on PESTLE Methodology, Efficient Process Matrix(EPM) is developed after conducting qualified Case Studies of various successful and failed institutions, in different parts of the world, both Government and Private sector.

Solution Oriented Approach

To provide affordable SMART solution, based on client's Terms of Reference (ToR), we assist our valued clients by providing the best possible tools to Identify; Evaluate; Quantify and Select the most efficient solution and, if required, engage industry leading consultants and renowned companies on Project-by-Project basis. 

Project Financing

MUGHALS are NOT direct Lender, Financial Institution and or Financial Agency. However, contingent upon EXIM Bank  USA,  World Bank,  International Chamber of Commerce Guidelines and Laws of the "Business Territory", MUGHALS can  arrange  Project Financing THROUGH Third Party for Qualified Clients.

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MUGHALS Initiatives

MUGHALS Projects

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Services by Sub-Sectors



Aircrafts Leasing

Airline Fleet Analysis

Airport Capacity Analysis

Air Cargo System RFID based

Aviation Safety

Industrial Forensic Analysis 

Materials Testing (Preventive Maintenance)

Ground Support Equipment Leasing

Aircraft; Airport; Ramp; Terminal

Inflight Services

Low Earth Orbit (LEO)




Remote Sensing


Combined Heat & Power (CHP Technologies)


Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals


Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Hydraulic Fracturing 

Power Generation Efficiency 


Specialized Training

Professional Certifications

Workforce Development




Cognitive Business

Cyber Security  

Digital Broadcasting 

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)


Industrial Process Failure Analysis 

Integrated Digital Migration

Intelligent Transport Systems 

Pipelines Remote Security

Radio Spectrum Management & Policy

Real Time Objects Tracking Systems 

RFID Networks

Spectrum Management System (Horizontal & Vertical)

Teleport / VSAT Networks



Enhanced Reservoir Characterization (ERC)

Equipment (Financing*, Procurement, Supply & Support)

Industrial Forensics for Materials Testing

Rare Earth Elements – REE 

Seismic Acquisition (Land, Marine and Unconventional)


Specialized Training

Professional Certifications

Workforce Development


Deep Sea Fishing Vehicles (DSFV)

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

Marine Communication Systems (MCS) 

Mobile Hospital

Object Tracking System (GPS based)

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

MUGHALS Initiatives

MUGHALS Projects


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