AMCO Strategic Program


(In-line with Strategic Plan 1984 - Revised 2019)

How We Accomplish

To implement SMART Hybrid Solutions (SHS), in addition to in-house resources, we engage industry renowned Experts; Consultants & Companies on Project-to-Project basis. Based on esteemed clients requirements AMCO-MRC amasses best possible team of Multi-Discipline Engineers; ICT, Financial and Legal Consultants; Managers and qualified Workforce, as per Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Project.

PAMS Mission

Strengthen National Infrastructure by Optimizing Indigenous Resources


High Value Manufacturing

Project Methodology

Workforce Skills Development

Phase-Wise Facilities Upgradation

Customized Machinery for Specific Applications


Scaling up R&D to Lawful Product Commercialization

Potential Benefits

Across Entire Manufacturing Supply Chain


Our Focus: Enabling Technologies Strategy

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1. Advanced Materials 

  2. Biosciences               

3. Electronics             

                  4. Sensors and Photonics               

Development of Enabling Technologies

(Plasma + Laser Combination Machinery)

    1. Additive Manufacturing

    2. Hybrid Manufacturing   

     3. CNC Machining              

     4. Electro-Optics               

                                       5. Ultra-High-Pressure (UHP) Technology              

                                       6. UHP Fire Fighting Systems                       


Enabling Technologies

Rapid Prototyping Technologies  (RPT)

Rapid Analysis and Manufacturing Propulsion Technology (RAMPT)


Advanced Materials | Biosciences | Electronics  | ICT | Photonics | Sensors

Applications by Industries

Aerospace | Agriculture | Automotive | 

Consumer | Defense | Electronics | Energy | 

Marine | Medical | Mining | Transport

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PAMS Funding: Project-to-Project Financial Structuring, based on Lawful Islamic Ethical Financial Principles

Country: Pakistan | USA | UK

Facility Capabilities:  Rapid Prototyping | Hybrid Manufacturing | Additive Manufacturing 

Lead: AMCO Engineering

Areas of Responsibilities:

  • Pakistan: Mr. Mohammad Akmal Mirza President & CEO
  • USA & North Asia: Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mirza Principal Group Director (PGD)

Focal Contact: 

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Lawful Technology Commercialization

Below 0.57 Video Source: Argonne National Laboratory's Materials Engineering Research Facility (MERF)

Under Development

Lead Company AMCO Engineering


Aviation Refueler

Multipurpose Gas Tanker

System Controls Panels

LNG - CNG Mobile Refiling Units

Hybrid System Capabilities

Third-Generation Thermal Imager-Based Crew Sight

Thermal Imager-Based Commander Sight

Automatic Target Tracker

Fire Control System

Project PAMS-DF04


Front-End Detachable Attachments Assembly Line (FEDA) 

CORE Technologies

Rapid Prototyping Technologies

Hybrid Manufacturing

Infrared Remote Sensing

Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project

Mapping the Ocean Bed

Subsea Mine Countermeasures

Subsea Systems Design & Verification

Special Purpose Vessels Structural Analysis

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Strategic Initiatives