"...Not without Purpose Did We Create Heavens, Earth and All In Between..." Al Quran 38:27

Center of our Milky Way Galaxy, just one black hole weighing 4 million times as much as our Sun

surrounded by millions of Stars and Gases. 

Source: NASA

The relationship between Religion and Science is a unique one.

Clare ForestierBBC reporter, takes us on a journey of bridging theology with modern science. 

Planet Earth and a bottle of olive oil emit a similar type of glow! This is known as "Chlorophyll Fluorescence". Source: NASA 

The Quran revealed, same, fourteen hundred year ago.

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Fourteen hundred year ago, The Quran speaks of the Quantum Physics, Light Coherence (laser), Glow Emitted by Olive Oil, and Gravitational Waves.

After decades-long quest, in collaboration with the active programs  of Global Scientific Community, MIT-Caltech LIGO Laboratories detected Gravitational Waves, opening a new era in our exploration of the Universe.  

Three US Scientists won, 2017, Physics Nobel Prize for "Decisive Contributions" to the LIGO Detector and "the observations of Gravitational Waves".