"...Not without Purpose Did We Create Heavens, Earth and All In Between..." Al Quran 38:27

Center of Milky Way Galaxy, 

just one black hole weighing 4 million times as much as our Sun 

surrounded by millions of Stars and Gases

(Bellow Image Source: NASA)

The Quran revealed fourteen hundred year ago 

that on Planet Earth olive tree emit a unique type of Noor (glow)!    

Recently, Science has confirmed that 

olive trees emit the similar type of glow, 

known as "Chlorophyll Fluorescence" (Source: NASA

BBC reporte Clare Forestier takes us on a journey of 

Faith and modern science, below, watch the fascinating video

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Again, Fourteen hundred year ago, The Quran speaks of the Quantum Physics, Gravitational Waves, Light Coherence (laser), Glow Emitted by Olive Oil.

Now, after decades-long quest, in collaboration with the active programs  of Global Scientific Community, MIT-Caltech LIGO Laboratories detected Gravitational Waves, opening a new era in our exploration of the Universe.  

Three US Scientists won, 2017, Physics Nobel Prize for "Decisive Contributions" to the LIGO Detector and "the observations of Gravitational Waves".

Following video, brief explanation of LIGO and Gravitational Waves, is 

Produced by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) : Bill Lattanzi 

Footage courtesy of: Hans Peter Bischof; California Institute of Technology; Jet Propulsion Laboratory; LIGO, A Passion for Understanding, by Kai Staats; MIT; National Science Foundation; Roger Smith; Virginia Trimble, widow of Joseph Weber; Wikipedia Commons