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RFID & Small Businesses

Solutions for SME

Although RFID presents a tremendous opportunity to tap into the multi-billion-dollar market but, at present, only large companies and government institutions are implementing RFID solutions as they have financial and technical resources. However, the majority of manufacturers and suppliers who can benefit from the efficiency and power of RFID, as end-users, are small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Current RFID solutions are not scaled for small businesses, as most small businesses don't have;   

  • Access to the business process expertise needed to prepare for, or fully utilize RFID capabilities.
  • The large-scale, enterprise-class ERP and CRM systems that many RFID solutions are designed to integrate into.
  • Significant financial or technical resources to setup required infrastructure.
GDN provides Scalable Solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses.