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VSAT Services

GDN offers a wide range of VSAT solutions and supply of equipment including; 
  • Fixed VSAT Networks for mission-critical applications
  • Transportable VSAT solutions for rapid deployment and disaster recovery

On-demand Services

    For locations without reliable infrastructure, particularly;

  • Civil & Electrical Engineering Remote Locations
  • Construction & Excavation
  • Emergency Response
  • Maritime
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Search & Rescue

Satellite Time / Space Segment

GDN offers competitive rates on domestic and international satellite time; our professionals know the market for last 20+ years and can provide end-to-end solution, including space segment, on competitive prices with redundant links across the globe.
Partial list of services; 
  • Bandwidth & Services Agreement Negotiating Support 
  • Bandwidth & Service Management
  • Bandwidth & Terminal Licenses
  • Commercial Teleport Services
  • Leased Earth Terminal Services
  • Satellite Bandwidth – C, Ku, Ka Bands
  • System Engineering Support
  • Terrestrial Interconnection Services

VSAT Services

  • Equipment Supply (Multiband i.e. C, Ku, L, X-Band)
  • Regulatory (Frequency Allocation & Licensing)
  • Preventive Maintenance & System Optimization
  • Remote Sites Management (Maritime, Oil & Gas)
  • VSAT HUB Design Development, Installation and Training
  • VSAT Relocation Services