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GDN Featured Projects

Partial List

Broadband Ecosystem 

Global Digital Networks (GDN) has secured a three phased project to develop Cloud Based Broadband Ecosystem for a country of minimum 200+ million people having, as of June 2017, minimum 120 million mobile phone subscribers, including 39.4 million 3G/4G subscribers. FCC National Broadband Plan > Read more....

GDN has also teamed up with a group of cable operators, having minimum 14.6 million subscriber base (as of June 2016), to provide end-to-end digital migration solution. GDN is waiting for certain regulatory clarifications / approvals. Case study > Read more....

Digital Migration

Digital transformation is creating new challenges and opportunities, globally, for businesses small or large. However, to remain competitive in free-market-world and to ensure sustainable business growth, businesses need to use a Secure; Digital; Scalable and Affordable Mobile Network.

Digital Migration and Outreaching to Global Audience are the two key challenges Broadcasters & Operators are facing in the developing world. GDN, along with other entities, provide customized scalable end-to-end SMART solutions, without affecting daily operations during digital migration process.


To provide subsidized services to the needy communities, GDN Board of Directors has adopted a resolution to donate a percentage of net revenue to the endowments, each year. Read more....


GDN, along with PBV, has undertaken IPTV Project to provide multi-platform infrastructure to launch multi-ethnic TV channels. SoundView Broadcasting PLC, the service provider, has submitted the IPTV Proposal, prepared by GDN, to the regulatory authorities for approvals. 

GDN has designed the SMART Solution for Content Acquisition, Digital Asset Management and Delivery Systems including Back-Office Billing, Provisioning, Activation, Monitoring and Customer Relations. Read more....

Radio Frequency Identification 

RFID is a remote sensing integrated system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object for identification and tracking. At its core, RFID is an enabling technology.

RFID is systematically transforming the way manufacturing and supply chains conduct business worldwide. The benefits of RFID-enabled production and shipping include increased supply chain visibility & security, improved productivity, faster cycle times and lower costs. RFID costs are steadily dropping so that small businesses can adopt RFID solutions. Read more....