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HKE - Public Regional Education Program (PREP)

GDN is proudly associated with HKE - Public Regional Education Program (HKE-PREP), an exclusive endowment program to provide Broadband Infrastructure to member colleges;  communities; schools; and universities.

To provide subsidized services to the needy communities, GDN Board of Directors has adopted a resolution to devote a reasonable percentage of its net revenue to the endowment, each year.

PREP Mission is to organize the local communities to ensure that each educational institution has the required broadband tools available, within their geographical boundaries, to access global resources for quality education. GDN supports HKE efforts that public engagement, community support, and adequate resources are essential to minimize digital divide. We expect community-based organizations can play a central role in making PREP a real success and building broad support for quality education.

PREP Highlights 

  • To provide infrastructure for affordable broadband access and information technologies services to member colleges;  communities; schools; and universities.
  • The objective is to ensure that all deserving members regardless of income or geography can participate in and benefit from new information technologies, through PREP infrastructure.
  • PREP services will include enriched curriculum, distance learning, online assessment, web-based homework, increased communication between parents, students and their educators, and increased access to global information resources.
  • Five years (JUL 2017 - JUN 2023) target is to provide subsidized access to 5,000 study rooms, each year.