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GDN core expertise includes Operational Efficiency and Design Development of Secured; Modular; Resilient; Efficient; Robust; and Reliable Distributed Converged Networks.

GDN, along with PBV, provides affordable SMART Solutions for Business, Cloud, and Infrastructure Applications i.e. Advanced Wireless System; Mobile Broadband; Cable Networks; Cyber Security; Direct-to-Home (DTH); Air Traffic Control System; Radio Frequency & Spectrum Monitoring (Horizontal & Vertical); RFID Systems; Migration to Digital Networks; Teleport and Specialized Training.

Customized SATCOM Network Design can combine features of Cellular, Cable & Wireline, and Wi-Fi/WiMAX networks, and can deliver a full range of broadband content and applications at affordable cost.

Network Design Focus  

·              Secured, Resilient, Modular, Efficient, Reliable, Robust, Redundant and Cost-effective

·        State-of-the-art Next Generation Open Source Technology (OST) with APIs

·        Ability to Incorporate Mission Critical Applications

·        Core Technology / Equipment Life 10~15+ years

·        Cater Future Growth (15+ years)

·        Platform for Next Generation Converged Technologies Applications

·        Built-in-Support                     

Distributed Converged Networks (DCN) Capabilities

Depending on client’s requirements, GDN can upgrade existing Networks to provide Mission Critical Applications such as: 

·        Asset Management and Tracking System

·        eBanking 

·        eEducation

·       Disaster Management System

·      FinTech

·      eHealth

·        eJustice

·        eTrade

·       Intelligent Transportation Systems

·        Mobile Command Centers (special category of customized vehicles) include:

   o   Tactical vans

   o   Sub-stations

   o   Surveillance Vans

   o   Medical Labs

   o   Arson Units / Bomb Disposal Labs

   o   Communications vans

   o   Crime Scene Labs

·        Public Safety Networks Real-Time Field Reporting

·        Real-TimeObject Tracking System

·        Search & Rescue

·        Security and Surveillance