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Digital Transformation

Case Study: Methodology

Study Scope


One of GDN Preferred Business Vendor (PBV) has completed multiple Digital Migration Projects on turnkey basis which included Customized Conditional Access System (CAS) and Network Management System (NMS). The Super Head-End was build to the customer's unique requirements and was able to transmit 80+ digital TV services, from day one.

Systems Features

Integrated Systems are also using remotely controlled Wireless Subscriber Management System (WSMS). Whereas, Conditional Access System (CAS) has several built in features including 'Messaging To' individual Set-Top-Box(s); 'Pin Code'; 'Parental Control'; 'Over The Air' and  Set-Top-Box(s) upgrade. 

GDN PBV installed 10 encoders to create the customer's own programming, including Video-on-Demand (VoD) services, as part of the scalable integrated system. Contents of different broadcasters are delivered through various satellite transponders. All satellite contents are being encrypted / decrypted, and delivered to two intelligent multiplexers in ASI/IP format. The intelligent multiplexers with grooming options provide an optimized data stream on each of the 8 outputs. Each output connected to the QAM modulator, transmitting QAM64 to each of the transmitters.

Revenue Streams

Increased Bandwidth Efficiency

By properly configuring the network equipment, more traffic can be carried over on available bandwidth. GDN customized Deterministic TDMA Network Architecture (D-TDMA) algorithm, developed by industry leading manufacturers, allocates bandwidth among multiple remote sites, based on criteria such as the queued depth at each remote site, the CIR (Committed Information Rate) configuration, Quality of Service (QoS) and prioritization requirements.

Capacity Optimization

GDN "Panels of Consultants" help broadcasters to save minimum of 14% in bandwidth through more efficient use of transponder capacity. Broadcasters can also save 10-50% capacity versus an inefficient DVB MPEG encapsulation scheme. A well designed; on demand system ensures the highest efficiency of capacity utilization and saves money.


Increase bandwidth as needed on-the-fly: upstream up to 4.2+ Mbps; downstream up to 9 Mbps. Broadcasters can also configure carriers in increments, and add new remote sites easily–without increasing satellite capacity.

Network Efficiency

Optimization tools provide all essential monitoring and control operations from a centrally located Network Management System (NMS). The system can scale to monitor multiple remote sites from a single NMS.

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