RESOCHEM is an engineering services company engaged in Consulting & Contract Operations business related to Environmental Matters, Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities. RESOCHEM expertise includes Environmental Policy Formulation & Review, Regulatory Compliance and Engineering Services with focus on Oil & Gas industry.  

Dr. Aziz Ahmad Siddiqi Ph.D. a renowned Scientist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist co-founded RESOCHEM Corporation along with John W. Tenini P.E. in Houston Texas USA, during 1981. 

Since May 2016, after restructuring, RESOCHEM has included Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and Exploration to its portfolio.


RESOCHEM clients included some of fortune 500 companies i.e. Bayer CorporationCabot Petroleum  Houston, Channel Shipyard Baytown, DOW Chemical La Porte, EXXON Chemical Baytown, Kirby Inland Marine Houston, Union Carbide Corporation Texas City, USA. Read More.....

Active Project

As of February 2007 RESOCHEM, along with MUGHALS, is in process of securing a fifteen years consultancy project to conduct 'Rigorous Resource Assessment' of Pakistan's organic-rich shale resources.

MUGHALS & RESOCHEM Corporation are independent entities and since 2005 have entered into strategic business relationship, on Project-by-Project basis. RESOCHEM provides Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies (CCST), Industrial Forensics for Materials TestingSeismic AcquisitionSimulation (Land, Marine and Unconventional Resources) and RETROFITTING Solutions for Cement, Chemical and Coal-Fired Power Plants. For example several different carbon-capture technologies are being used in the cement industry.

A Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale for carbon capture in the cement industry is developed. and for application at cement plants, partial oxy-fuel combustion, amine scrubbing, and calcium looping are the most developed (TRL 6 being the pilot system demonstrated in relevant environment), followed by direct capture (TRL 4-5 being the component and system validation at lab-scale in a relevant environment) and full oxy-fuel combustion (TRL 4 being the component and system validation at lab-scale in a lab environment). Read More.....