Regional Strategic Partners

AMCO-MRC, participating companies of MUGHALS, are independent Lawful Entities doing business on Project-by-Project Basis in accordance with laws of the operating territories.

Since 2015 AMCO-MRC, along with Preferred Business Vendors (PBV), are working on a three phased Hybrid Manufacturing (HMT) Program, focusing MaterialsRapid Prototyping; Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing.

Since 1984, The MUGHALS Group Portfolio includes Aerospace, Defense (Production), Energy and Mining sectors.

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Our 100+ YEARS Landmarks


During 1917, Darwesh Khalil Ahmed Mirza a Visionary; Prominent Leader of Pakistan Independence Movement; Entrepreneur; Philanthropist and Founder of the MUGHALS, migrated from Yangon former capital of Myanmar and finally settled in Rawalpindi now Pakistan and started Generational Business (focusing Mechanical + Logistics + Transport), along with his Ideologist, Mentor Sufi brother Lateef Ahmed Mirza. 

Both brothers jointly founded American Motor Company, the first ever multi-location Engineering Company in West Punjab Kashmir and started "Lorry Service" between Rawalpindi and Srinagar, which remained operational till Pakistan Independence (1947)

During 1984, American Motor Company was renamed as AMCO Engineering (AMCO) and Mr. Muhammad Aslam Mirza became the Chief Executive of the Family Owned business. Currently, Mr. Muhammad Akmal Mirza is AMCO Engineering Chief Executive Officer.

AMCO Engineering

AMCO Engineering is a multi-discipline ISO Certified (9001:2000) trusted manufacturer of Specialized Equipment, using Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies.

AMCO delivers value through Precision EngineeringProgram Management; and Efficient Operations. AMCO provide robust SMART solutions to multiple industries.

AMCO capabilities include Product Design, Development, and Full-Service Engineering Services for Prototype From Concept, To Simulation Modeling, To Prototype (Pilot Project), To Product To Production (Custom Manufacturing). 

AMCO Geophysics Packages include Hardware, Software and Specialized Training for both Public and Private sectors to Study; Acquire; Analyze; Interpret; Evaluate and Simulate the Earth Progressions using Gravity; Magnetic; Electrical and Seismic methods.


MUGHALS-RESOCHEM LLC (MRC) was incorporated with Secretary of State Texas USA (2015), by Dr. Aziz Ahmad Siddiqi Ph.D a Houston based renowned Scientist, Darwesh, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Community Leader.

MUGHALS & RESOCHEM are independent entities and since 2005 have entered into Lawful Strategic Relationship and Agreed to conduct lawful business on Project-by-Project basis. AMCO and MRC entered into strategic relationship in 2016 focusing Renewable Energy Value Chain.

AMCO-MRC Preferred Business Vendors (PBVSpecialize in: 

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Image Below Source: NASA - Global Groundwater Storage 

Team Energy During OTC 2016 Houston Texas USA

Areas of Responsibilities

Pakistan: AMCO Engineering, Mr. Mohammad Akmal Mirza President & CEO .

United States, Turkey, Central & North Asia: MRC, Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mirza Principal Group Director (PGD).

Focal Contact:  amcomrc@themughals.net   Top of Page^