Our Vision

We Endeavor for Justice Based Sustainable Inclusive Prosperity (JSIP), at Grassroots Level, by Focusing Optimization of Indigenous Resources.

Who Are We

Theme: Alignment; Circular Economy; Governance; Sustainability; Technology

We are a small group of Multidiscipline Multinational Professionals. We provide Strategic Policy Advice on Disruptive Technologies to Mitigate Competitive Innovation for Sustainable Growth. 

Since 1984, our emphasis remains on the Digital Economy Socio-Economic Impacts on Supply Chain Lifecycle; Critical Minerals; Digital Transformation;  and Self-healing Materials.

We prefer to work on Equity Based Catalyst Projects and Conduct Business on Ethical Financing, Based on Islamic Principles, focusing hot-spot areas.

Experience: Core Team Combined Experience 350+ years (December 2021).

Group Core Competencies

We provide Strategic Policy Advice on:

  1) Assets Growth; Development Governance and Risk Mitigation; 

  2) Capital Project Strategy & Economic Models;

  3) Disruptive Technology Assessment, Appraisal, and Adoption;

  4) Green Energy Programs; 

  5) Industrial Operational Efficiency

Lead Policy Advisor

Pacific Enterprises International Syndicate - PEIS

Lawful Technology Transfer Partners

USA SAM & DoD CAGE Code Status: Active

USA Prime NAICS Code: 541690, Prime SIC Code: 87420501

Strategic Initiatives


How We Accomplish

To implement SMART Solutions, in addition to in-house resources, we engage industry renowned Experts; Consultants and  Companies on Project-by-Project basis. 

Based on Project Terms of Reference (ToR), project participating companies & affiliates  amasses best possible team of Multi-Discipline Engineers; ICT & Cyberspace Experts; Managers; Financial & Legal Consultants, to complete the project on schedule & within budget.

Featured Catalyst Projects

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 01. NOVA-1A; Mining: Afro-Eurasian Seismic & Geophysical Repositories
     (Multi-Phased Strategic Initiatives Program - MSIP)

 02. NOVA-1B; Food Security: Agro-Pharma Precision Agriculture

 03. NOVA-1C; Energy (Services): Pakistan Coal-to-Liquid & Byproducts 

 04. NOVA-1E; Energy (Services): Energy Microgrids 

 05. NOVA-1M; Manufacturing (Services): Ocean Engineering 

 06. NOVA-2M; Manufacturing (Services): AMCO Defense Portfolio 
 07. NOVA-2P; Manufacturing: AMCO High Value Manufacturing

 08. NOVA-2 PAMS-DF01; (Services): AMCO Facilities Upgradation Program 

 09. NOVA-2 PAMS-DF02; (Services): AMCO Fire Suppression System 
 10. NOVA-3; Energy (R&D): Clean Energy Program 
 11. NOVA-4C; Mining (Services): Critical Minerals Supply Chain
 12. NOVA-5Mining (R&D): Rare Earth Elements
 13. NOVA-6; Energy (Services): Pakistan Oil & Gas Program 
 14. NOVA-7; Aerospace; ICT (Services): Digital Transformation

Digitization Project



Scalable Enterprise Data Hubs (SEDH)

Autonomous Global Access


Advanced Manufacturing Program



Strengthen National Infrastructure by Optimizing Indigenous Resources

Lawful Product Commercialization

$2.5 Trillion Global Market Potential

30 Million Jobs Worldwide

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Strategic Direction

Advanced Manufacturing

Applications by Industries

Aerospace | Agriculture | Automotive | 

Consumer | Defense | Electronics | Energy |

Marine | Medical | Mining | Transport

Product Commercialization

Technology Mix

Digital Twin

Directed Energy Deposition (DED)

Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality (VR)



Clean Energy Programs

Low Carbon & Energy Efficient

Micro Grids


Transformational R&D

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Replacement of Carbon-Intensive 

Haber-Bosch Process

Microwave Reaction Technology (MRT)


Mobile Filling Stations




Pakistan Oil & Gas Program

Indigenous Natural Resources Development Program (INRDP)

Focusing Pakistan's

164 million barrels of Oil

24.6 trillion cubic feet of Gas

Massive Recoverable Reservoirs

 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Figure XXIV-27. Outline for Southern and Central Indus Basin, Pakistan

Table XXIV-2B. Shale Oil Reservoir Properties and Resources of Pakistan

Above image: Credit Industry