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“…And We (The ALLAH) Created From Water Every Living Thing...”

MUGHALS Group Initiative

Global Drought Mitigation Program (GDMP)

Purpose: Shared Prosperity & Inclusive Growth

Priority: Assessment of Indigenous Resources

Theme:  Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

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Focus: Reservoirs Mapping & Development


Geology-based Assessment Source: EU EGDIUSGS Metadata Plus

Science-based ToolsMeasurements; Data; Models; Protocols; Standards


GDMP Strategic Focus: Workforce Skills Development

The Earth's Weather and Climate is made up of Complex Interconnections between the Atmosphere, Ocean, Land, and Ice, which are influenced by many factors including the seasons, land-sea interactions, and topography. Source: NOAA 

GDMP Methodology Focus
 Autonomous Cyber Resilient Digital Infrastructure

Systems Design Process: NASA's Engineering Framework

Water Underlying Systems & Technologies (WUAST)

Accurate, long-term observations and readily-available information are critical for furthering understanding of the Earth system, improving forecast models, and making informed decisions about weather and climate extremes. Source: NOAA 

WUAST-1:  Earth Observation System (EOS)
WUAST-2:  Electromagnetic Spectrum Radiation (ESR)

WUAST-3:  Ground Penetrating Radar System (GPRS)

WUAST-4:  Hydrometrology (MADA)

WUAST-5:  Light Deduction and Ranging (LiDAR)


WUAST-6:  Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing (TIRS)


WUAST-7:  Quantum Information Science  (QIS)

WUAST-8:  Hydrometeorology 

Below Image Credit: NOAA


WUAST-9:  Field Studies


WUAST-10:  Site-Specific Crop Management (SSM)

Site-specific crop management (SSM) uses a variety of technologies to manage different parts of a field separately. Natural, inherent variability within fields means that mechanized farming could traditionally apply only crop treatments for “average” soil, nutrient, moisture, weed, and growth conditions. Source: USDA


Case Study

Pakistan Irrigation Networks

One of World's Largest Man-made 

Gravity Based, Mechanically Operated


Global Drought Mitigation Program (GDMP) Lead

Lead Policy Advisor: Pacific Enterprises International Syndicate (PEIS)

PEIS USA SAM & DoD CAGE Code Status: Active

PEIS Prime NAICS Code: 541690Prime SIC Code: 87420501

Lead Africa & Americas: Afro Eurasian Coalition (AEC) LLC

Lead Eurasia: Pan Eurasian Syndicate (PEIS) LLC