Divine Holy Book Al-Quran:  Chapter: 21  Verse: 30

Our Vision

We Endeavor for Justice Based Sustainable Shared Prosperity Focusing Innovation; Excellence; Optimization of Indigenous Resources and Empowering Communities at Grassroots Level.

Our Mission

To Organize Communities at Grassroots Level; Proactively Participate and Lawfully Support Ongoing Global Efforts for Justice Based Policy and Structural Reforms which Foster Shared Prosperity, Equality, Opportunity and Well-Being of Humanity and Environments.

NASA's Global Maps of Dryness

MUGHALS Group Initiative

Global Drought Mitigation Program

Image Below Curtesy: NASA


Our Direction

Conversion of Trustworthy Raw Data to Decision Making Predictive Models

Based on Stakeholders Business Objectives, using multiple applicable Data Mining Techniques, MUGHALS' Team of Electromagnetic Spectrum Experts, Mathematicians and IT Developers select: (1) the Appropriate Algorithm; (2) Lawfully Access and Deep-dive the required Unstructured Trustworthy Global Databases; (3) Build Statistical, Analytic & Predictive Models; (4) Simulate & Verify the Data Sets; (5) Prepare multiple Visualizations/ Options (6) Procedures for Deployment by the Decision-makers/ Stakeholders.

MUGHALSare working on development of Quantum Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms in accordance with U.S. NIST Policy Framework

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Earth's 37 Largest Aquifers

Groundwater storage trends for Earth's 37 largest aquifers from UCI-led study using NASA GRACE Data (2003 - 2013). Of these, 21 have exceeded sustainability tipping points and are being depleted, with 13 considered significantly distressed, threatening regional water security and resilience.

Image Below Source Credit: UC Irvine/NASA/JPL-Caltechhttps://www.nasa.gov/jpl/grace/study-third-of-big-groundwater-basins-in-distress

NASA and German Research Center for Geosciences 15 years Program

Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow On (GRACE-FO)

“Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow On” (GRACE-FO), NASA and German Research Center for Geosciences’ 15 years Program's reliable Data are filling in key gaps for understanding the full picture of wet and dry conditions that can lead to drought and MUGHALS Group Multidiscipline-Multinational Experts are working on Innovative Solutions, to the best abilities of their multi-decades experiences.

To build a more complete picture of drought-stricken areas, NASA has developed Global Groundwater Mapswhich NASA hopes will become useful way of monitoring water supplies as the world contends with climate change and ever-hotter temperatures.

"Using measurements from two satellite missions assimilated into a computer model, researchers have created global maps of terrestrial water around the planet. In addition, they can Forecast Water Availability in the United States up to three months out."

Image Below Source USGS: Principal Aquifer of United States


NASA'S Images Below

Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center generate groundwater and soil moisture drought indicators each week. They are based on terrestrial water storage observations derived from GRACE-FO satellite data and integrated with other observations, using a sophisticated numerical model of land surface water and energy processes. The drought indicators describe current wet or dry conditions, expressed as a percentile showing the probability of occurrence for that particular location and time of year, with lower values (warm colors) meaning dryer than normal, and higher values (blues) meaning wetter than normal. These are provided as both images and binary data files.



Transboundary Aquifer Mapping in Africa



Groundwater Resources

Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)



Indus Water Basin

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