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Harmonizing Urban-Rural Divide

Alignment; Economy; Excellence; Good Governance; Science; Technology

Group Combined Experience

350+ years, as of 2022 December 31st

Group Core Competency

Policy Advice

Technology Risk Mitigation

Cyber Resilient Integration of Applicable Technology(s)

Purpose: Shared Prosperity & Inclusive Growth

Mission: Cyber Resilient Supply Chain Integration

Methodology: Lawful Collaboration with Stakeholders

Priority: Assessment of Indigenous Natural Resources

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Deliverable 1: Global Regional Digital Repositories (GRDR)

Focus: Agriculture; EnergyFinance; LogisticsMiningWater

Deliverable 2: Human Capital Development Projects (HCDP)

Focus: Blue Economy; Cryptographic Algorithm; FinTech; Hybrid Manufacturing)

Deliverable 3: Integrated Digital Super Clusters (IDSC)

Focus: Advanced Delivery Vehicles/Systems

Deliverable 4: Cyber-Resilient Lawful Payment System (CRPS)

Deliverable 5: Lawful Technology Transfer (LTT)

Focus: Aerospace Industry Electromagnetic Materials

Platform: Muslim Trading Confederation (MTC)

Sharia Guidance Source: International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA) 

Focus: Organization of Islamic Countries - OIC and OECD Guidelines

Underlying Technologies / Systems

Lead Policy Advisor

Pacific Enterprises International Syndicate – (Pacific Syndicate)

USA SAM & DoD CAGE Code Status: Active

NAICS Code (U.S. Prime): 541690, SIC Code (Industry, Prime): 87420501

System Design Process: NASA’s Engineering Framework

AMCO 1. Additive Hybrid Manufacturing

A. Augmented Reality 

B. DirectMetal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

C. FusedDeposition Modeling (FDM)

D. Jet Fusion (MJF)

E. Metal Castings and Prototyping

F. Poly Jet3D Printing

G. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

H. SLA QuickCast

J. Stereolithography (SLA)

K. Urethane Casting

L. Wax Casting

AMCO 2. Airborne Electromagnetic Survey 

AMCO 3. Artificial Intelligence 

AMCO 4. Blockchain

AMCO 5. CAD | CAM | 3D Printing

AMCO 6. Clean Energy

A. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) 

B. Dynamic Micro Grids 

C. Fuel Cell Technology

D. Heat Recovery System 

E. Renewable Energy

F. Wind Power Generation

AMCO 7. Cryptographic Algorithms

AMCO 8. Digital Thread

AMCO 9. Digital Twins

AMCO 10. Earth-Observing System

AMCO 11. Electromagnetic Spectrum

AMCO 12. Evaporation of Water: USGS Study 2021

AMCO 13. FinTech (Financial Sector)

AMCO 14. Hydrometeorology

A. Aviation Radar System

B. Ground Penetrating Radar 

C. High Frequency (HF) Radar Systems 

D. Oceanic Radar System

E. Synthetic Aperture Radar

F. Weather Radar System

AMCO 15. LIDAR - Light Detection and Ranging

AMCO 16. Remote Sensing 

A. Infrared Remote Sensing

B. Optical Remote Sensing

C. Research and Development

AMCO 17. Machine Learning

AMCO 18. Quantum Physics

A. Gravitational Waves

B. Quantum Algorithms

C. Quantum Mechanics

Research Focus: Critical Supply Chains

Research Methodology: Innovative Transformative Research We Accomplish

To implement SMART Solutions, in addition to in-house resources, we engage Industry Experts; Consultants and Companies on Project-by-Project basis. 

Based on Project Terms of Reference (ToR), we amass best possible team of Multi-Discipline Engineers; ICT & Cyberspace Experts; Managers; Financial & Legal Consultants, to complete the project on schedule & within budget.

Group Lead: Pacific Syndicate (PEIS)

Global Lead: Afro Eurasian Coalition (AEC) LLC

Eurasia Lead: Pan Eurasian Syndicate (PEIS) LLC

Group Core Competency

Lawful Meaningful Economic Engagement

Actionable Strategy Review and Formulation

We provide Strategic Policy Advice on:

1) Assets Valuation and ManagementGovernanceGrowthRisk and Disaster Mitigation

2) Capital Project Strategy; Economic ModelsData AnalyticsWorkforce Capacity Building

3) Disruptive Technology Assessment; Appraisal; Adoption; Data Indexing; Policy, Program, Project Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) 

4) Energy Resources Programs

5) Performance Management Measuring System (PMMS) Specialized Training

Lawful Technology Commercialization

Ocean Engineering

Systems Design & Verification Focusing Subsea Soil Structure

AMCO Engineering Group Chairman and President Mr. Mohammad Afzal Mirza

AMCO Engineering CEO Mr. Mohammad Akmal Mirza (3rd from left)

Team Pakistan

 AMCO Engineering CEO, fourth from left. Mr. Mohammad Akmal Mirza

Products Made in Pakistan

Products Made in Pakistan
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