MUGHALS' Strategic Initiatives Programs (MSIP)

Aerospace Economy

Our Focus: Supply Chain (Critical Minerals) & Inter Satellite Link (Communication)

Program PAK SRDC: Program is being developed. Current Status on Scale of One to Ten: 2.8

Project PAK SRDC-1 is 100% Private Sector International Joint Venture (IJV), in accordance with the applicable laws of the multiple business territories.

Circular Economy 

Our Focus: Critical Minerals Supply Chain

Project CM9To Safeguard Uninterrupted Global Supply Chain (Nonfuel Critical Minerals & Critical Materials) and to Ensure Constant Flow of Critical Materials through Exploration; Mining: Processing; Separation & Purification; Metal Making; Alloying; and Recycling by using Green Technologies.

Digital Transformation

Our Focus: 5G & WiFi-6 Rollout

Project NOVA-7: 5G & WiFi-6 Digital Transformation; Cyber-Resilient Hybrid Multicloud Platform; 29 Tier 3 & Tier 4 Scalable Enterprise Data Hubs (SEDH), Targeting 110 Million Mobile Phone Users in Undeserved Markets.


Our Focus: Distributed Generation

Project NH-6: Pakistan’s Organic-Rich-Shale-Resources Assessment, a Four Phase Project

Project NOVA-2 : Two Energy Related Catalyst Projects i.e. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generation 

Project NOVA-3: Clean Coal: Conversion of Coal-to-Liquid, Rare Earth Elements and Coal Byproducts

Project NOVA-5ARecovery of Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals

Project NOVA-6: Pakistan Technically Recoverable Oil & Gas Deposits

Social Responsibility

Our Focus: Intelligent Learning

HKE-PREP MissionTo provide access to Digital Infrastructure and Intelligent Learning Tools using Cloud-based Broadband and Information Technology Services to Member Colleges; Communities; Schools; and Universities.

Our Business Process

  • For Customized Solutions, our dedicated team(s) work with our Valued Clients to understand their unique requirements to engineer affordable SMART Solution.
  • Based on Valued Clients Parameters, MUGHALS, in addition to in-house resources, congregate Engineering; Financial; Legal and Technical Team so that required Business Processes, Templates &  other Tools are Developed, Jointly Tested, Documented, Understood, and Client’s Proficient Skilled Workforce is trained.
  • After securing the Project, local people become part of MUGHALS' team which also minimize Security Risk, get the job done, within Budget, on Schedule and Stimulates Local Economies.

About MUGHALS: We are a small group of like-minded Multinational Professional Consultants. Our multi-discipline Core Team Combined Experience is 350+ years (as of December 2019). We Integrate Technology and Mitigate Competitive Innovation. Read More...

We Originate Equity Based Catalyst Projects and Conduct Business on Ethical Financing Based on Islamic Principles. 

Our Core Competency: Strategic Policy Advice on Technology Assessment.

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