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Our Strategic Catalyst Projects


Aerospace Economy

Our Focus: Supply Chain (Critical Minerals) & Inter Satellite Links

Program CM9: 100 % Private Sector Program under development. 

Project NOVA-1S: A 100% Private Sector International Joint Venture in accordance with the applicable laws of the multiple business territories.

Project NOVA-1S/M: A 100% Private Sector International Joint Venture in accordance with the applicable laws of the multiple business territories

Circular Economy 

Our Focus: Critical Minerals Supply Chain

Project CM9: To Safeguard Uninterrupted Global Supply Chain (Nonfuel Critical Minerals & Materials) and to Ensure Constant Flow of Critical Materials through Exploration; Mining: Processing; Separation & Purification; Metal Making; Alloying; and Recycling by using Green Technologies. 


Digital Transformation

Our Focus: 5G & WiFi-6 Rollout

Project NOVA-7: 5G & WiFi-6 Digital Transformation; Cyber-Resilient Hybrid Multicloud Platform; 29 Tier 3 & Tier 4 Scalable Enterprise Data Hubs (SEDH), Targeting 110 Million Mobile Phone Users in Undeserved Markets. 



Our Focus: Distributed Generation; Distribution & Billing

Project NH-6: Pakistan’s Organic-Rich-Shale-Resources Assessment, a Four Phase Project

Project NOVA-2 : Two Energy Related Catalyst Projects i.e. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generation 

Project NOVA-3: Clean Coal: Conversion of Coal-to-Liquid, Rare Earth Elements and Coal Byproducts

Project NOVA-5ARecovery of Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals

Project NOVA-6: Pakistan Technically Recoverable Oil & Gas Massive Deposits

Social Responsibility

Our Focus: Intelligent Learning

HKE-PREP MissionTo provide access to Digital Infrastructure and Intelligent Learning Tools using Cloud-based Broadband and Information Technology Services to Member Colleges; Communities; Schools; and Universities.

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MUGHALS Strategic Initiatives


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