"...Not Without Purpose Did WE (ALLAH) Create Heavens, Earth and All In Between..." Al-Quran 38:27 

Who Are We?

We offer a unique blend of Business, Engineering and Regulatory SERVICES which leads to sustainable growth of all stakeholders. MUGHALS provide affordable SMART Solutions for Aerospace; Aviation; ICT; Energy; Finance; Mining; Telecom and Transport sectors.

The Mughals Group (MUGHALS) are in business since 1917 and over a period of time have established steady business relationships, globally, with leading Manufacturers; Operators; Service Providers; Vendors; R&D Syndicates; Academia and Financial Institutions. MUGHALS leverage these relationships to the advantage of all stakeholders.

Our Core Business

In this Fourth Industrial Revolution digital transformation era, we are developing real-time user-friendly tools, across business value chain, for Cognitive Business using Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger (DLT) as underlying technologies.

We use complex algorithms, mathematical and statistical modeling tools to extract & transform unstructured data into understandable simpler equations, econometric outputs and predictive graphic Quantitative Analysis to help decision makers, be an individual or policy makers, to identify real-time multiple available options.

Our SMART solutions are for Consumers to Small Businesses to Enterprises to Governments.


Our Philosophy

We believe, Development and Utilization of Indigenous Resources help stimulate economic activities at grassroots level thus creating conducive conditions for sustainable growth of all stakeholders including creation of new sustainable jobs for local communities. 

We strive for high standards of performance, while maintaining a strong and growing long-term position in free-market competitive world.

Our Focused Areas  

  • Aerospace: Raw Materials for Engines & Interior Products; Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites COM systems
  • Aviation: Aircrafts & Ground Support Equipment Leasing; Air Traffic Control System; Interior Products OEM; Operational Efficiency
  • ICT: Broadcasting; Cognitive Business, Cyber Security; ; Digital Migration; Real-Time Object Tracking System 
  • Energy: Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants; Operational Excellence; SMART Grid
  • FinTech: Blockchain Backend Services, Cognitive Business; Distributed Ledger Technology-DLT (Payments, Clearing and Settlements)  
  • Mining: Geophysics; Hydrology; Exploration, Extraction, Processing of Industrial Minerals; Metallurgy; Rare Earth Elements
  • Transport: Deep Sea Vehicles; Intelligent Transport System; Special Purpose Vehicles


  • Our proven track record of building TRUST based meaningful Alliances; Collaborations; Joint Ventures and Partnerships Capacity to provide SMART Solutions for Complex Problems
  • We conduct PESTLE Analysis for defining Intra-Organizational Legal Collaboration Framework
  • We develop Project Centric complex Algorithms, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling Tools
  • We provide Support during entire Project Life, including Specialized Training

Priority - Catalyst Projects

MUGHALS prefer to work on catalyst strategic projects in 'global hotspot areas' with the people who know the region and understand native culture. After securing the project, local people become part of MUGHALS' team which minimize security risk, get the job done, within budget, on schedule and stimulates local economies. 

Our Collaborative Approach 
We work meticulously with our valued clients to understand their unique requirements to create customized affordable SMART solutions. Based on valued clients predefined parameters, MUGHALS, in addition to in-house resources,  congregate Engineering; Financial; Legal and Technical teams so that required Business Processes, Templates &  other Tools are Developed, Tested, Documented and Workforce is appropriately trained to complete the project, efficiently.
Financing Option

MUGHALS are NOT direct Lender, Financial Institution and or Financial Agency. However, contingent upon the EXIM Bank USA, World Bank and International Chamber of Commerce guidelines and Laws of the "Business Territory", MUGHALS can arrange Project Financing THROUGH Third Party for Qualified Clients.