WHO ARE WE? The Mughals Group (MUGHALS) are in business since 1917 and over a period of time have established steady business relationships, globally, with leading Manufacturers; Operators; Service Providers; Vendors; R&D Companies; Academia and Financial Institutions. MUGHALS leverage these relationships for the advantage of all stakeholders to ensure sustainable growth. MUGHALS along with Preferred Business Associates; Partners; Suppliers and Vendors (PBP) offer a wide array of SERVICES.

WHY MUGHALS? We build meaningful ‘Alliances & Joint Ventures’ and required 'Partnership Capacity' to provide  'Smart Solutions for Complex Problems' by: 1) Defining Intra-organizational Collaboration Framework 2) Transaction Structuring 3) Developing Structural Protocols and 4) Project Financing. 

MUGHALS work meticulously with valued clients to understand their unique requirements to create customized affordable SMART solution(s). Based on valued client’s predetermined constraints, MUGHALS congregate Engineering, Financial, Legal and Technical teams so that required business processes, templates & other tools are Developed, Tested, Documented and work force is appropriately trained so that business goals are achieved.

MUGHALS prefer to work, on Project-by-Project basis, in 'hotspot areas' with the people who know the region and understand native culture. Local professionals become part of MUGHAS' team which minimize security risk and get the job done, within budget and on schedule.

FOCUSED BUSINESS AREAS: Aerospace; Energy; Information & Communication Technology (ICT); Mining and Transport.

METHODOLOGY: MUGHALS follow Four Prong Process:  1) Core internal team(s) identify, evaluate and secure the project(s). 2) Based on valued client's predefined parameters, MUGHALS amasses best possible team of Engineering Consultants; Financial Managers; Legal Advisors and industry renowned Vendors on Project-by-Project basis. 3) Ongoing interaction with valued client's Project Team. 4) Execute Project on schedule, within budget and provide ongoing support.

FINANCING OPTION: MUGHALS are NOT direct Lender, Financial Institution and or Agency. However, contingent upon the World Bank and International Chamber of Commerce guidelines and Laws of the "Business Territory", MUGHALS can arrange Financing THROUGH Third Party for Qualified Clients.

Services Portfolio within Energy Ecosystem Value Chain

"Sustainable Prosperity using Indigenous Resources”